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      打標機 | 激光打標機 | 氣動打標機 | 在線打標機 | 自動打標機 |光纖激光打標機|端泵激光打標機|CO2激光打標機

      JIANGSU XINGUANG NUMERICAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO.,TLD. is a high-tech enterprise in WUXI XISHAN New-tech Development Zone. WUXI XINGUANG devotes itself to the R&D and manufacture of optoelectronic , providing optimal custom-made products and service.

      Located in the central region of WUXI city ,WUXI XINGUANG takes up an area of 2.2 hectares and has a 2000㎡ R&D building as well as a 1800㎡assembly workshop furnished with series of testing facilities. The company currently employs a staff of 50, among whom 7 have doctor’s or master’s degree, 1 is acknowledged as the national-level expert with government subsidy, 80% of which are senior engineers or with above undergraduate academic credentials

      XINGUANG is absorbed in the marking trade and laser trade, has developed its unique edge in the application of marking and laser engraving in WUXI and even the whole country. The company has acquired several national patents and developed more than 60 kinds laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machines . With advanced technology, complete variety and remarkable quality, marking machines of XINGUANG brand have been accepted by users of every walk of life. They have been applied to mark on various parts and of different industries ranging from automobile, steel, petrochemical, aviation, electron to tool etc. The company has won great reputation with its distinguished effect in satisfying the individualized requests of various users and providing good service

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